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(WOW..) I got this amazing link from a fan, about his website on (GET THIS!) neck-ties
Matt’s site, makes me realise there actually is soooo much more to a tie than just being an instrument of formal wearl. He shows us the different ways to tie ties, some maintenace tips, some celebrity favorites, design & color ideas, et al. But, what fascinated me the most was the feature on TIE CAKES. Mannnnnn, these looked SO delicious! You gotta check this out, people!!! Matt suggests gifting Tie-Cakes for Father’s day this time, something different from the usual gift of just a tie. Bake the pieces yourself, assemble them together, ice & decorate them & voila! Take a look at Matt’s Tie-Cakesfor inspiration and some really cool ideas – Mix-n-match the colors & textures, customize it to your dad’s liking & give him the surprise that he will never forget!Herer are some of my personal


Celeb fav-foods

(Hmm..) Just read this article on Celebrity fav-foods; Me thinks you might like this..

Jennifer Aniston
prefers Mexican food, and her favorite snack is tortilla chips, margaritas are Aniston’s favorite drink. She’s Greek but dislikes Greek food. She also enjoys Italian food. George Clooney’s fav food is a Chaya steak from Chaya Brasserie in Beverly Hills. He also enjoys a good beer now and then & even had a keg of Guiness installed in his dressing room when he filmed Oceans 11. Clooney also does voice overs for Budweiser commercials. Tom Cruise enjoys a good Italian meal. In fact, he enjoys it so much, he’s been known to fly in his favorite Italian chef to make dinner for special occasions. Angelina Jolie makes no secret of the fact that she enjoys McDonalds fast food and Cheerios. She also enjoy tequilas. Gwen Stefani enjoys Sushi or Spaghetti. Nicole Richie is rumored to have shed the baby weight on a sushi-diet. Britney Spears enjoys pasta, cookie dough ice cream and hot dogs. She’s also quite fond of her mom’s chicken and dumplings.

Wierd food combos

(LOL..) This is funny.. Chk out these Weird food combinations from around the world..

  1. Peanut butter and mayo sandwiches.
  2. Chocolate cake with beans.
  3. Ice-cream & pickles.
  4. Garlic bread topped with peanut butter
  5. Peanut butter and cucumber sandwiches.
  6. Lays & milk.
  7. Popcorn and mustard.
  8. Pancakes and ketchup.
  9. Peanut butter and ham sandwiches.
  10. Pickles and peanut butter sandwiches.
  11. Tuna-papaya salad
  12. Fried fish & cranberry sauce

fun on foods!

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