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Bobotie, that gets its name from the Indonesian “bobotok”, is a very old South African dish, which originated in Indonesia or Malaysia & was brought to Africa by Dutch traders waaay back in history! You can bake it in a regular casserole or the way I like it – in a ‘Moroccan Tagine’. Bobotie is typically served with geelrys (yellow rice) and a side of mango chutney or any sour-sweet chutney called blatjang.     PrepTime 10mins – Serves 6-8 [...]

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I visited an Ethiopian resto 2 nights ago since the cuisine & this place in particular came highly recommended. I found this interesting version of Indian dosas – Injera – Ethiopian flat sour bread.     PrepTime 5mins – Serves 4 – CookTime 15mins.     Ingredients: 1/4 cup teff flour 3/4 cup all-purpose flour 1 cup water 1 tsp yeast pinch of salt peanut or vegetable oil Cooking Instructions: Take the teff flour in a mixing bowl & sift [...]

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We were at a little Jamaican resto just outta Hollywood, Sattdown Jamaican Cuisine, where the owner brought me a glass of watermelon juice to sample.. Ok, ‘watermelon’ juice?!?! Yes, WATERMELON juice! But with a unique super-refreshing twist..   PrepTime 5mins – Serves 8 – CookTime 1min.       Ingredients : 1 large sweet seedless watermelon 1 tsp ginger powder juice of 1 lemon 1/4 tsp pepper pwd 8-16 leaves of fresh mint (optional)   Cooking Instructions: Blend all the [...]

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