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This may be, by far, the BEST dish I could ever make with Asparagus and its so versatile – You can have it warm or cold, dress it up with your fav toppings, add nutmeg to make it festive, etc.. SO good!       PrepTime 10mins – CookTime 35mins – Serves 4         Ingredients: 2 tbsp unslated butter or olive oil 1 small white onion – minced 4 garlic cloves – minced 1lb Asparagus – cleaned [...]

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Hey people, Wow, FINALLY, my own blog to share the oh-so-famous ‘lil‘ chef recipes of mine.. (no more emails, just to my personal friends & contacts!). I’m truly excited!!!Thanks to my family & friends, my dream has transcended into reality and now I can share my fav recipes & kitchen tips, not only with them but with the whole world! A bit about Lil’ Chef (that’s me!), I began experimenting in my mom’s kitchen when I was very little (lil‘) [...]

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