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Venus’ Thai Veg Stir-fry

A quick-n-easy, super-nutritious Thai veg Stir-fry, the way my Sis-in-Law, Venus makes it. Betch’ya gonna luv this!!

PrepTime 10mins – Serves 2-3 – CookTime 12mins







Use the vegetables you want – use your imagination; Venus used:
1. cauliflower- cut into little florets(not too small)

2.carrots – cut into slanting roundels
3. Peas
4 .Bell Peppers(capsicum) yellow & red – sliced long

You can also use baby corn ( which takes longer to boil), some spring onions & beans cut in long pieces

For the sauce:
5. 1/2 cup stock ( vegetable?Chicken ) – you can make it yourself
6. 2.5 tbsp soy sauce
7. 1tbsp lemon juice
8. 5-7 cloves garlic – chopped and mashed

9. 1tsp honey
10. 1 teaspoon paprika .( flakes)
11. 1-2tsp corn flour

Cooking Instructions:

Except for capsicum(& spring onions),  put all the other vegetables separately one by one into boiling salted water – boil for a minute or 2 , remove drain and saute separately with butter and keep aside.

For the sauce, put all ingds 5-10 in a pan (except for corn flour). Stir the cornflour in some warm stock & add it to the sauce base. Add the sauted vegetable into this sauce just before you are ready to serve the dish. Heat & serve hot.

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  1. Veeralakshmi N. says:

    Thanks for this… I added some chicken in the end – Thinly-sliced & browned in some peanut oil with Thai chili paste & garlic.

  2. Venus says:

    Interesting Veeralaxmi my husband has been pushing me to make it with chicken now i too will try it : )

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