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Roast Beef

Marinated & roasted beef chunk sliced & served as a starter or side-dish or even in salads or in sandwiches with Mayo.

PrepTime 30mins – Serves 4-6 – CookTime 45mins




1kg beef silver roll
2 large onions chopped
5 large dried red chilies
2 thin cinnamon sticks an inch each
6 cardamoms
1 tsp pepper pwd
2 tbsp garlic ginger paste
1/4 cup olive oil
1/2 tsp peppercorns
1 tsp cumin pwd
2 tsp salt

Cooking Instructions:

Marinate the meat roll in 1 tsp salt salt, pepper pwd & half the g-g paste. Heat oil in a large pressure pan. Fry onions till brown, Add garlic ginger paste & salt – fry well. Add chilies & whole spices & cook for a minute. Add the meat chunk & toss some spices over & around it – gently lfy & turn over after a few minutes & repeat tossing the spices over till the meat changes color evenly from red to ligh brown. Add 1 cup water or enough to just cover the meat chunk & raise heat to max. Close the pressure cooker & cook until the 1st whistle, then simmer for 40 mins. Remove the meat chunk when the pressure is all out of the cooker. Slice the meat into 1cm thick slices or thinner & put them back into the cooker. Cook open on medium heat till the gravy is more or less absorbed or evaporated. Use the slices to make roast-meat sandwiches with mayo &/or ketchup or just serve as a side dish with your meal. Ta-Da!

Alternative: Cube the meat chink & make a stir fry with some fried onions, garlic, diced potatoes, bell-peppers, herbs & tomato/soya sauce to have with pasta or rice! Yum-Mo!

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