mearl223 On October - 2 - 2011

Prawn-n-Mango Curry

¬†Ok here goes.. I’m gonna narrate this recipe in 1 sentence, and in just 1 breath!






Fry a cup of tomato paste in 3tbsp oil before adding 1 tsp each of garlic paste, salt, red-chili, turmeric, cumin & pepper pwds, a tbsp each of vinegar & coriander pwd, followed by bringing 2 cups coconut milk to boil in it, adding a sprig of curry leaves, a cup each of mango cubes & cleaned prawns and simmering till the prawns are cooked.

Phew!!! Go on now, have a go at this recipe while I catch my breath!

(PS. Alternatively, you can use cubed fish fillets or boneless chicken, instead of prawns.)

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  1. Michelle says:

    I tried it :) I didn’t have any mango, but I wanted to cook prawn curry anyway. I threw in green beans. It was good!

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