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Nagashree, 4 down 5 to go!

Just re-connected with Nagashree on FB, years after schooling 2gthr in the 90s – she laughs the same, talks the same, IS the same – except she’s now married & just over 4mths preggers, WOOHOO!!! :D Loving every moment of it, here’s what she shares about her preps for the coming baby.


Nagashree advises:

I find this book, “Pea in a Pod” to be a better read than “What to expect when you are expecting”, in the sense, its easier to read, has a more appealing language.
Don’t miss the movie ” Babies”…featuring four babies from four corners of the world…releasing mothers day weekend.

Lil’ Chef suggests:

Here’s the link to the book on Amazon, where u can either buy it from, or read more reviews on it:


Nagashree adds some more USEFUL info..

Last night I had a wonderful prenatal yoga session. The best part about the yoga is that we have a half an hour chat after the yoga..with some advice from the yoga instructor and exchange of ideas.

These are some of the things that she advised:

1. To not buy new mattress and crib from branded stores, because of the fumes from the new mattress which has fire retardant. Also, she suggested either buying an organic mattress or buying it way in advance and airing the mattress and the crib.

2. Using as less diapers as much as you diapers are major landfills..if you count a single baby uses 80 diapers per week and all of that gets buried in landfill and is not biodegradable..use cloth diapers with vinyl lining…there are also diaper services who will pick up the dirty cloth diapers at the door and deliver clean ones. Good suggestion was to add it to the baby registry so that friends can gift a month or so of diaper service.

She also suggested awesome books:

1. Bradley method of natural birth

2. Natural Baby Care : Colleen K Dolt

3. Itsy Bitsy Yoga:

I personally was very high on the green baby and care.

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