mearl223 On September - 30 - 2011

My BFF from ’82, Supermom Shilpa.

Gotta write a book abt us – partners in crime since kindergarten, lost touch in the 90s thx to the Gulf war, googled our way back 2gthr in ’03 & spent the last 2 Xmas-NYs with her – my BEST friend, for life! Funny, clumpsy, bubbly, TALL, supermom of Ayesha, who shares my b’day (well-planned :P ) & Jayden, born in Feb’10.


Shilpa on pregnancy weight-gain:

1. Post pregnancies weight gain
For both my pregnancies, I gained over 60lbs. I was so depressed after my first child that I gave up on losing weight.  I was given all kinds of fatty foods to help produce more milk. The problem with that is it is a good idea when women don’t produce milk but in my case, I was a milking cow, so I really didn’t need all that. It took me three years to get back to normal and thanks to my hubby who pushed me to get back into shape.
With my second pregnancy I did not listen to anyone but myself and the web. I already gained so much fat so I was producing enough milk. Hence, I cut down on sugar, carbs, and other fatty foods, started eating healthier and lost 30lbs in the first two months since delivering. Here’s my diet plan:

- cut down on sugar
- drink lots of water – a glass before each meal helps remove toxins from the body

- don’t eat carbs – no rice, potatoes, wheat – I know it’s hard since you cook for your family but if you went through the pregnancy with such patience, then you can do this.
- have loads of salads, greens or veggies
- no frying. Only baking
- eat fish, no red meat.
- hit the gym – get a trainer to help u acheive your goal

All these tips will help you bring your self esteem higher and who cares about what people say – You do what you can do! Tell them off; Don’t be afraid, because, a good friend will support you not make fun of you & put you down.

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