mearl223 On September - 30 - 2011

MY B.F.F.L’s baby boy, JAYDEN.

My bestest friend since kinderagrten, Shilpa just gave birth to her second child after daughter Ayesha. Gotta say he is as cute & loving as his parents, and willbe looked after well by his big sis.




Jayden was born on 23rd Feb 2010 to Shilpa Urva & Boby Seelan in Montreal, Canada, and is the little brother of 6-yr old Ayesha.I rem he was due about a week before that and Shilpa & I would joke about him wanting to come on 14- Feb Valentine’s day or maybe, 25th Feb (our birthplace Kuwait’s national day). Shilpa looked all set to pop, well, in her 7th month itself but I guess Jayden was very comfy inside his mum, away from the crowd & noise in the world he would be born into – His folks LOVE company & know how to party! I can’t wait to visit them again & see lil’ Jayden.

Shilpa shares the following about Jayden with us:

1. Jayden was born with a hair full of thick black hair & nails all grown – looked ready to get up & walk!

2. He has the most amazing thick & long eye-lashes & cute smile, like his dad.

3. He’s a very calm baby; not very demanding, as long as he gets ALOT of milk!

4. He’s begun to notice people & identify them – he knows HIS people!

5. The four of them – Jayden, Ayesha & their 2 cousins nextdoor, Shreya & Sakshi, are inseparable!

Pictured here, are Jayden – in his babyseat, playing by himself on the bed, after a refreshing bath, and with his sister, Ayesha, who loves him very very much!

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