mearl223 On September - 30 - 2011

Keya’s babygirl, AMANI

Keya went to college with my twin back in 96-99 and I met her a couple of times – WOAH!! What a blast of energy she exudes wherever she goes! I bet she carries her vibrant, fun & lively personality into her motherhood as well.. Lil’ princess, Amani, u’re blessed with a BRIGHT & lovely mommie!


Keya shares with us, the joy & love of her life, babygirl AMANI:

Amani was born on 22-Dec-08 to Keya & Shamu Thambi in Tokyo, Japan, weighing 2962gms & spanning a cute 50.6cms in length. Here are 5 lil’ things about this gorgeous princess:

1) She absolutely LOVES to dance, loves music, dogs, water and both her “Oscars” – 1 is her teddy bear and the other is her boyfriend, whom she’s loved since he & she were simultaneously in their mom’s womb.. Sweeeeet! :)

2) She talks a dime a dozen, with a vocab of over a 100 words, but her first recognisable word ever was “baba” for her father.

3) She LOVES people and dogs equally (I suspect the latter more, though) and thrives in their company.

4) She still breastfeeds, and proudly so.

5) She loves to clean up, but not her own mess! :o )

Pictured at the title is Amani at birth & later, Amani in her fav ‘nautanki’ get-up & ever-so-happy mood & at her 1st birthday.

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