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Kazmeen’s story of love & life.

We worked together for a year in ’06-’07 & she’s my BEST friend in Dubai even today! I rem it was 15-Aug, India’s independence day & we were all dressed for work in traditional wear. I dropped Kaz for her ObGyn appointment later & my “Good Luck” as she left the car, were followed by “CONGRATS.. Wooohooo!!!” soon after – How we cried in joy at the good news!


Pictures: Kazmeen’s son, Rehaan. DOB 4-Apr-08, 3:20pm, Wt. 3.8kgs.


Kazmeen’s writes:

I got to know that I have my little Rehaan growing inside me on 15th august 2007. It was the best day of my life. Both, my husband and I, had tears in our eyes when we got this news. I remember Mearl dropped me off at my Doc’s and joked that I would soon be giving her the salwar-kameez I was wearing, as I would not fit into it for long! She was right & was among the happiest people I broke the news to.

The entire experience of going through the nine months of pregnancy was exciting and a bit scary towards the end. But you just can’t describe this feeling! Well, especially when Rehaan started moving inside me, I used to wait to feel him move & kick. And when I would go for my scans, the doctor would show me Rehaan’s fingers & nose and how all his body parts were slowly forming, it gave me goose bumps… well, just got some right now too!

Its an experience which every woman should go through… and I pray to God that every woman gets blessed¬† with this happiness.!

Pictured here, is Rehaan, just when he was born – 4th april 2008 at 3.20 in the afternoon.. He weighed 3.8 kgs. and as you can see, with his pose, he’s already ready¬† to get into politics – Netaji ki jai ho! LOL :D

Rehaan is now 2 years old…. When I see him run, talk, laugh and understand everything we tell him, I begin to wonder – is he the same baby I had inside me 2 years back? :)

I don’t have much to say but that its your own indiviual experience – Every mother’s experience is different & every child is different in its own way. There are some things in a child that you can change as he/she grows and then, there are some things that the child is born with, which God has given him/her and neither you or I can change it. Just love your baby to the MAX and enjoy motherhood & fatherhood!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the great moms around the world….3 cheers to you all!!! :)

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