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Fiona’s Pappooda, MICAH

Fiona is well known, by now, for her many interesting tips in the ‘Share the Joy’ section. Now, her son follows in her steps to become one of the most famous babies on this site .. Everybody, meet Micah, or as Fiona fondly calls him, her ‘Pappooda’!


Fiona tells us about the Pride & Joy of her life, the apple of her eye, her son – MICAH:

Micah was born on 13-Jan-10 to Fiona & Peter D’souza in California,USA, weighing 7lbs-3oz. & spanning a cute 19″ in height. Here are some cute lil’ things about this handsome lil’ fella!

1.  Micah loves to smile at all the pretty girls around, who fall time & time again for this brat’s (as they put it) mesmerizing smile and expressive eyes.
2. He’s always in the mood for a game of Peek-a-Boo.
3. He adores and loves to play with his older sister, the calm & patient, Muffin.
4. He admires and has a hearty laugh looking at himself in the mirror before his bath….his own ME-time.
5. He re-decorates on a daily basis and has his own one-man furniture moving business.
6. He enjoys travelling & loves the outdoors.. Can’t get enough of his cycle rides in the backyard.
7. His favorite foods consist of his Mom’s hair, Stones, Mud and MUFFIN’s Treats.

Pictured here, are the many moods of Micah! You can also see Muffin, the cute big-sister & loving companion!


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  1. Francis D'Silva says:

    Beautiful pictures of you bub.
    Francis, Sydney (Peter’s cousin)

  2. Francis D'Silva says:

    Beautiful pictures of your bub.
    Francis, Sydney (Peter’s cousin)

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