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Fiona’s Before, During & After!

I’ve known FeeFyeFoeFum for about a year & she’s gotta be the most extrovert, chatty, funny & helpful person on earth – I’m smiling as I type this! She’s shared SO MUCH with us about her experience with her 1st baby (son,Micah) that it over-justifies my ‘helpful’ adjective for her; Our common frenz here will agree! Thank u, Fiona, for being so extraordinary!



Pictured: Fiona’s son, Micah – DOB 13-Jan-10, Wt. 7lbs-3oz. Ht. 19″


Fiona’s Fundas: 

(Part 1 of 3) During Pregnancy:

  • An elderly lady had told me to eat Badam/Almonds – Good Skin for baby, Eat Walnuts-Intelligence of baby, Eat Carrots-Good Eyesight during pregnancy.
  • Drink 1 glass of milk in the morning, 1 in the evening, 1 cup of Yoghurt and 1 cup of Cheese, Fruits and Vegetables.
  • Do not buy a Breast Pump until you start producing milk.
  • Prepare a Baby Registry.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for gift cards.
  • Do not open gifts until the baby arrives because if you get duplicates you can return it and get something more useful for the baby.
  • Buy long stretch tops so that you can use them for after delivery.
  • Buy a Baby Journal or Baby Book and record all the events of the pregnancy right from the 1st ultrasound to the 1st birthday of the first year.
  • Prepare your hospital bag 1 month in advance.
  • Cover the seat of the car towards the close of your due date, with plastic, so that if your water breaks in the car it reduces the accidents of stains
  • Once you start having strong labour pains don’t eat or drink anything else you will end up puking.


List to help you prepare for the new arrival: 




  • Baby’s Bath:
    Coconut/Olive Oil
    Baby Wash Cloths
    Johnsons Baby Shampoo-No Tears
    Johnsons Baby Head to Toe
    Johnsons Baby Vicks Bubble Bath for cold
    Johnsons Baby Powder
    Johnsons Baby Lotion
    Baby Towels with Hoods-3
    Nail clippers
    Baby Comb
    Baby Hair Brush
    Baby Bath Toys
    Rubber Non Slip Mat
    Water Cup
  • Baby’s Entertainment:
    Baby Gym
    Rattle, Baby Toys
    Amazon Giraffe for Teething
  • Baby’s Sleep:
    Electrical Swing
    Crib Fitted sheets-3
    Breathable Bumper
    Swaddling Blankets-3
    SwaddleMe Adjustable Fleece Infant Wrap
    Crib Waterproof Mattress
    Soft Quilted Crib Mattress Pad
    Soft Light Lamp
    Sleep Positioner
    Horse Shoe Head Positioner
  • Baby’s Diaper Changes:
    Plastic table top Diaper Organizer
    New Born Diapers
    Desitin Rash Cream
    Cloth Diapers depends on person to person-helps save on diapers
    Diaper Pail which requires regular trash bags
    Basic Comfort Contour Changing Pad


  • Baby’s Travel:
    Rear View Mirror
    Diaper Bag
    Car Seat Toys
    Car Seat
    Baby Carrier
  • Baby’s Feeding:
    Breast Pump
    Burp cloths
    Boppy Feeding Pillow with Cover
    Drain-N-Dry Bottle Rack
  • Baby’s Clothing:
    7 Kimono Onesies- easy to dress the baby
    Baby Detergent
    Stain Remover
  • For yourself (the MOM):
    Lansinow Breast Cream
    Breast Pads
    House Gowns, bras & tops – all Front-Open
    Post Partum Band
  • First Aid:
    Infant Nose Drops
    Rubbing Alcohol
    Band Aids
    Infant Tylenol
    Infant Motrin
    Baby Ear Thermometer
    Medicine Organizer
  • For the Hospital Bag:
    1 Front Open House Gown
    2 sets of clothes for family pic with baby and while going home for mom
    Camera/Video cam
    Memory Card
    Change of clothes for Baby for photo and going home
    Car Seat
    Plastic/trash bags for the Car incase water breaks
    Make Up
    Face Soap
    Tooth Brush
    Tooth Paste
    Diaper Bag
    List of people with phone nos. to call to inform birth of child
    Small Plastic Bags


  • Baby’s Arrival:
    Take lots of Photographs
    Add baby to Insurance
    Create College Fund

    (Part 2 of 3) After Delivery:


  •  Most hospitals give you:
    Suction bulb for the nose
    Hand Breast Pump
    Enfamil Formula
    Johnson Baby Powder, Soap, Cream, Shampoo
    New Born Diapers
  • Don’t forget to collect the Hand Imprint and Foot Imprint from the Hospital.
  • Rest for the 1st 40 days – Only eat, feed the baby, sleep –if you don’t rest you will end up with back pain.
  • If you have a normal delivery, wear a Post partum band immediately to get back in shape.
  • Eat heaty foods to help contract the uterus (sesame seed cookies/ laddoos, for eg.)\
  • Borrow the electrical pump from the hospital and pump your milk even if you get a few drops, because it stimulates the flow.
  • Do not eat Beans, Cauliflower, Peas, Spicy food for the first few weeks after delivery because it will cause gas for the baby.
  • To increase milk supply- during and after pregnancy take Fenugreek tablets or swallow 5-6 fenugreek with water.  Boil 4-5 pods of garlic in milk, strain and drink garlic milk. Gerkins, Mutton Keema, lots of Ghee, butter, yoghurt increase milk supply.  Most of all no stress and rest well.
  • If you feel stress or depression, communicate with your partner and set aside duties that each of you should do.  Don’t take on too many tasks because you have to give yourself time to heal.
  • Breast Feeding can be tough till about 4mths till the baby starts sleeping longer hours in the night – discuss it with your partner and do shifts during the night.  After the 9PM feeding try and sleep immediately so that you can get a min of 4 hrs sleep at a stretch and your partner can do the in between feedings or alternate the feedings between yourselves.  Don’t try and do all the feedings in the night on your own because if you don’t sleep milk supply decreases and you will not heal fast.
  • On completion of 1 or 1.5 mth introduce your baby to the bottle and make your husband or any other member of the family do it.  This helps bonding and baby starts learning not to depend on you too much.
  • Freeze any extra breast milk.  Even if you don’t end up using it you can donate it to the Cancer Society for their patients.
  • If nipples hurt from feeding or crack – freeze or refrigerate cabbage leaves and place in bra for a cooling soothing effect.
  • Don’t worry about losing weight, because when you breastfeed your baby, you lose 500 calories a day.
  • Buy feeding bras and tops only after delivery because you increase an inch or two in size with the milk flow.
  • Time to start watching your weight is only after you stop breastfeeding.
  • Once you have a baby you will have hair fall- don’t panic its common- trim your hair and start taking extra good care of it.

    (Part 3 of 3) For the Baby:

  • Always try and feed the baby breast milk even if it is a couple of ounces because every drop of breast milk helps increase the immunity of the child.  If you don’t get enough of breast milk don’t be sad and depressed and switch immediately to formula.
  • Right from day one make the baby sleep in the crib at night.  Though tough at first it will reap long term benefits because you will sleep better not subconsciously thinking that you will crush the baby in your sleep and the baby will not get disturbed and wake up in bed.  This helps the baby sleep independently and not cling to you.
  • During the day have the baby sleep in a swing or in a bouncer and at night in a crib because then the baby will slowly start differentiating between day-naps and night-sleep.
  • Give the baby a complete massage before a bath so that it helps the child sleep better and helps strengthen bones.
  • Once the baby completes 3 mths of age start giving the baby a bath in the night and lay the baby in a crib to sleep- this helps the baby start associating night time sleep and will sleep longer.  Play some white noise and use thick thermal curtains which blocks sounds and heat/cold from the outside.
  • Use a sleep-positioner for the baby so that you can alternate the placement of the baby’s head while asleep which helps prevent flat head syndrome.
  • Do not use Johnsons Baby Oil for the 1st one year because it tends to be too harsh for babies skin.
  • Do not buy too many Baby New Born Diapers because either people will gift it to you and also because babies grow out of the new born diapers very fast.
  • Diapers are cheaper at and gets shipped to you in two days.  They give regular discounts too.
  • When you have to order baby stuff get the item code no. or item name from the shop and then order online because you can get cash back.  Order thru sites like or and get cash back for shopping.
  • Don’t soak the baby too long in the bath tub and do not use too much soap because it robs the baby of baby oils and dries the skin.
  • For cradle cap, massage the baby with oil and use a baby comb and brush off the dandruff before and after u give the bath and this will slowly reduce it.
  • Buy Fisher price products because they have very good customer service.
  • Always give Tylenol before going for baby’s shots so that it is less painful for the child.
  • Choose a Diaper Pail that requires only regular trash bags.
  • Buy an electrical swing- it helps save on batteries.
  • Do not introduce the baby to a pacifier unless absolutely necessary and for those babies who do not need pacifiers watch out for thumb sucking symptoms.  Cut a band-aid remove the medicine part and put it around the thumb of the baby and it will help stop sucking the thumb.
  • If a baby cries, first check if the baby is hungry, sleepy, gassy or has a dirty diaper.
  • During Night time feedings feed the baby on one side change the diaper and feed on the other side that way the baby will feed on both breasts and not fall asleep immediately.

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