mearl223 On September - 29 - 2011

Shrddha’s precious lil’ AURIK

I was very happy to meet Shrddha & her friends almost 2 years ago at a supermarket, one of the first fellow-Indians I met here in the US. I remember introducing myself to her & feeling welcomed, thanks to her warm smile – the one she beams today at her new son, her 1st-born, Aurik!








Shrddha tells us about the fruit of her ‘short’ labor, the wonder-boy, AURIK:

Aurik was born on 20-Apr-10 to Shrddha & Amit Jain in California, in what Shrddha describes as a ‘miraculous labor experience’ – he arrived 5 days before the due-date & happily popped out just 45 mins after she reached the hospital! Here’s a lil’ more about their 1st baby & the love of their life:1) Aurik shares his birth-date with “ADOLF HITLER”. He has a German name which means ‘Noble Leader’ .. Another Hitler in the making?!?! :p

2) He LOVES to be cuddled; the moment you put him down, he will open his eyes wide.

3) He loves to play with his Grandma and her bangle – the only thing that fits in his tiny hands :)

4) He loves taking baths, but hates getting his oil massages. 

5) Aurik looks like his Dad and shares a lot of his traits too – They bth like to sleep during the day & be wide awake at night! :)

6) Aurik loves NOISES – He’ll sleep tight even with the vacuum cleaner running, the TV on loud, people talking away around him, etc..

Pictured at the title is Aurik in his 1st month & later, Aurik just after birth, a few weeks old & stylishly sporting a beanie!

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