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Whole wheat Malabari Parathas

My apologies to all South Indian friends & fans – this is not your usual Malabari ‘Parotta’, simply because they’re not made with bleached flour (maida), but whole wheat flour, hence I call them ‘parathas’.



PrepTime 5mins – serves 3 – CookTime 1-1.5hrs

3 glasses wheat flour
2 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1/2 cup milk
1 egg-white
Keep oil & ghee handy
Cooking Instructions

For step-by-step pictorial recipe, go to the ‘Making Malabari Parathas’ album in the Gallery !

Make a well in the center of the flour & add salt, sugar, milk & 1/4 cup oil.
Fold in the walls of the well & knead the dough gently.
Add a little water at a time & keep kneading till you get a soft dough (not sticky)
Cover the dough in a moist muslin cloth & set aside for 1 hour (20 mins min.)
Knead the dough again & make 8 parts of it – almost tennis-ball size.
Spread oil on the rolling board & rolling pin.
Roll out a dough ball into a thin roti.
spread little oil on it.
Pleat it from 1 edge, like you make a paper-fan.
Secure the folds gently & stretch the dough a bit.
Roll inwards from 1 end, tuck the other end under & press gently.
Repeat this with the other dough balls.
Cover with the moist muslin cloth & set aside for 10 mins.
Take 1 rolled-ball on the rolling board, sprinkle oil on it & press it in circular movements away from you, with the base of your closed fist, all round the edges & center, till you get a 6-8″ roti. (you can even roll it out with an oily rolling pin, but be gently to retain the layers).
Heat the pan/ griddle & when well-heated, reduce to low heat.
Cook the paratha on each side, on low heat till it gets semi-cooked & again on each side, with some oil/ghee on medium heat, pressing down with your flat spatula and turning them round and round, so its evenly cooked.
Repeat these rolling & frying steps with the remaining balls.
Serve with any South Indian curry. ( I made some South-Indian style chicken curry & I’m sorry I can’t share it with you :P LOL )

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