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Brinjals with dried shrimp

I’ve always thought of brinjals as a versatile veg – u can stuff it, fry its slices, grill/bake it & pulp it as a ‘bharta’, use it in curries or just as a veg dish. Here’s how non-veg Maharashtrians make it; they call it Jhinge Vangi where jhinge means shrimps & vangi means brinjal.

PrepTime 2mins – Serves 4 – CookTime 10mins.




8 small brinjals cut in quarters & soaked in haldi-salt water
1 handful of dries shrimps – soaked in water
1 chopped onion
1 chopped tomato
4 cloves garlic – crushed/chopped
1-2 sprigs curry leaves
1 chopped green chili
1/2 tsp jeera/cumin pwd
1/4 tsp pepper pwd
1/4 tsp haldi/ turmeric pwd
1″ cinnamon stick
salt to taste
1/2 tsp sugar
3 tbsp olive oil
Cooking Instructions

Heat 2 tbsp oil & fry the onions to pink on medium heat.
Add the garlic, chili, cinnamon & powdered spices – stir & cook well for a minute.
Add 1 tbsp oil.
Wash the shrimps in a holed colander (there might be sand in it). Drain it, paper-pat them dry & add them to the onions. Fry well for 1 minute, covered.
Add the tomatoes & curry leaves & cook for 1 minute.
Wash & drain the brinjals & add to the cooking mixture.
Add salt & sugar (to cut some spice) to taste.
Add 2-3 tbsp water & cover-cook on medium heat for 5 mins or until brinjal is soft (not mushy).
Serve hot with rotis or khichdi (daal-rice)

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