mearl223 On August - 11 - 2011

Thai Crab-cakes with mango salsa

Yet another recipe I tasted at this lil’ hole-in-the-wall Thai resto here in CA.. LOVED IT!! So, here I was planning my next day’s snack, holding on to the flavors these delectable crab-cakes left on my pallate.. and now I’m sharing it with you all!




PrepTime 15mins – CookTime 15mins – Serves 4


For the mango sauce:
- 1/2 cup mango puree
- 1 cup Thai chillie sauce

For the mango chutney/salsa:
- 1/4 cup tiny diced sweet/ripe mango
- 1/4 cup Thai chilie sauce
- 1/4 cup finely diced red bell-pepper
- 2 tsp honey

For the crab cakes:
- 750g crabmeat
- 1/2 cup tiny diced ripe mango
- 1-2 tbsp Thai chilli sauce
- 6tbsp mayonnaise/ tartar sauce
- 2 tbsp diced shallots or green onions
- 2 tbsp kaffir lime leaf
- salt & pepper to taste
- 4 tbsp oil for shallow frying
- fine panko/ breadcrumbs for coating
- salt & pepper to taste

Cooking Instructions:
1. Mix the sauce ingds well to make the sauce.
2. In a separate bowl, lightly mix the chutney ingds together.
3. Mix all the remaining ingds together, except the oil & crumbs and mould into 4 cutlets.
4. Coat them with the crumbs & shallow fry evenly on both sides.
5. Drain on paper towels & set aside to cool a bit.
6. On a serving plate, pour half the sauce to design the base & place the cakes on it.
7. Place some chutney/salsa on the sides & top with the remaining sauce.
8. Top off with some kaffir lime leaves or Thai basil, honey &/or crushed peanuts as the garnish.

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