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Wear it slim!

What to wear, what NOT to wear, how to wear it, … just to look slimmer? here are some of my own tricks (Like I always say,” I’m not slim. I just ‘conceal’ well!”) and more..

  1. Buy what fits you – don’t force yourself into a size-smaller piece as this will accentuate the flabs.
  2. Beat the bloat  – Look up the ‘Beat the bloat!’ blog in this section for more.
  3. Invest in a good body-slimmer and quality practical underwear.
  4. Stop slouching – a good tall posture masks the bulges to some extent.
  5. Chose prints well – Wear vertical stripes instead of horizontal, if you must wear stripes. Uniform larger prints hide extra curves better than smaller wide spread or scarce print. Stick to a max of 3 colors or shades of one color. Black is the best!
  6. Get a tan – this helps the shoulders, arms & legs, especially!
  7. If you’re wearing a skirt, match your shoes (neat closed heals) & tights to the skirt – It gives a long flow to the body silhouette making you look slim. All 3 in black works wonders!
  8. Chose A-line cut outfits – tops, dresses & skirts and boot-cut jeans or trousers. Jackets should be hip-length or longer to cover the heavier areas – hips/thighs.
  9. A great pair of heals is a MUST-HAVE – they accentuate your height & silhouette, making you  look slimmer.
  10. Slim/skinny jeans are in – so get a pair & wear it with a knit-dress or long shirt covering your heavy waist/ hip areas- not TOO tightly, though. Match it with a hip belt that’s simple, not jazzy & of the right size – not too broad! Let the legs flow out of the shirt/dress – don’t cut the look with high boots (this works best for slimmer/taller people) – Heals will elongate your frame, or wear ballerina-flats that are pointier than round on the tip.
  11. Get a haircut that slims your face – check with your local stylist for the right length & texture.
  12. If your shoulders and arms are heavy, cover them. But if your lower half is the problem area, accentuate the top with a v-neck or low-cut to take the attention off the bottom.

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