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Stay slim or keep the lost weight OFF!

Here’s 10 simple yet important things to remember if you want to simply stay slim forever or maintain your weight, especially if you’ve worked hard to get into shape.

  1. Exercise daily – walking/ running or any cardio workout for 30 mins, yoga/pilates, etc. Pump some iron2-3ce a week – rem, more repetitions or sets with lower weight is better for toning; More weight is required if you’re building muscle.
  2. Breathe right – watch a baby breathe & emulate him/her – breathe from deep within!
  3. Have a glass of warm water with 1 lime freshly-squeezed into it, along with a pinch of cinnamon pwd & a tsp of honey 1st thing in the morning. Breakfast should follow 20mins later.
  4. Have 4 meals a day. If you keep longer breaks in between, you’ll end up over-eating in hunger. As long as you eat healthy, you’ll be fine. See the next tip.
  5. Eat & drink smart: No deep-fried, high-calorie, high-carb (rice/pasta/bread), deserts or high-sodium/salt food (like pizzas, for eg.). Choose white lean meat over red & go for grilled/steamed meat, rather than fried or even barbequed (the sauce is fattening). No fizzy-drinks, alcohol or smoothies! Cut down on the lattes; Instead opt for green-tea – a casual yet healthy drink – have it warm & often. Drink lots and lots of water.
  6. Have a low-fat healthy soup/salad and a glass of water before your meals to make you feel a bit full & less hungry.
  7. Keep away from or cut down on carbs (bread, pasta, rice); the glutamate causes fat build-ups in the region from your tummy to knees.
  8. Chose a-la-carte over buffets and if you really must do a buffet, serve yourself just once & that’s it! Can’t get toooo much on that 1 plate now, can you!?!?
  9. Put up a large mirror in your room – it will help you instantly notice extra bulges & curves & will make you want to take quick action

10.  Keep a bathroom scale to check your weight before you shower every day. When you see it increasing, you’ll take action.

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