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Remove common stains off various fabrics

Got some coffee, ink, blood, oil, currry or well, ANY stains on your clothes??? Chk out these 20 household goldies!

1. Mud stains: Water from boiling potatoes.

2. Ball-point ink or sketch-pen stains: Nail-polish remover or eau de cologne or hairspray

3. Pencil marks: Rub off with an eraser & then soak in alcohol, ether or acetone

4. Make-up & Lipstick marks: Spray on some hairspray & press a clean cloth on the lipstick mark before it dries up. Replace hairspray with acetone or glycerine if you like. Treat perfume stains with diluted hydrogen peroxide & then wash with soap. Makeup stains can be soaked in a light ammonia solution & washed off.

5. Tea/coffee stains: Soak immediately in glycerine, over night & wash next day with warm water & soap. Sometimes, just applying sugar or talcum powder or a club-soda solution to the fresh tea stain or sponging it with cold water (ASAP) works. If you’ve waited a while, soak the stain in a light ammonia solution overnight & wash off next day. Soaking in a solution of salt & lemon juice also helps. Fresh coffee stains shd be soaked in a borax or soda-bicarb solution immediately & then washed but old ones should be sponged with glycerine & then washed. Bleaching a stained white garment works.

6. Iron/ rust stains: Rinse in boling water, then rub some lime & then again, rinse in boiling water. If its a stubborn stain, apply some thick lime water (calcium carbonate solution) to the stain & leave for 15mins, brush it with an old toothbrush & then wash off. Soaking in bleach solution before washing works. Soaking overnight in the water from cooking rice alos may help remove light stains. Lemon juice is great.

7. Paint stains: Fresh ones can be laid under a blotter & then ironed. Rub the stain with oil, kerosene, lard or petroleum jelly & then wash with soap. Sponging with turpentine before washing also helps.

8. Tar stains: Soak the stain over night in olive or eucalyptus oil, kerosene, grease-removing solution or benzene & wash next day.

9. Blood stains: Soak in salt water for 1 hr (overnight if its old) & then wash with cold water. NEVER wash blood stains with hot water!! Bleech helps if its a white garment. Soaking in a bucket of water to which 1tbsp of ammonia helps as bleech.

10. Oil stains: Wash promptly with soap & water. Old stains can be removed by soaking in petrol or benzene before washing, or boil in a 2% caustic soda or 5% washing soda for 1hr before washing. Place a blotting paper both over & above & iron it on both sides. Oil stains on silk can be removed by dusting some talcum pwd on it & leaving it overnight be4 dusting-off & washing next morning. Eucalyptus oil or petro can take oil stains off.

11. Grease stains: Apply gram flour & keep in the sun for a while before washing. OR Hold the fabric between your thumb & 1st 2 fingers & rub some ghee in between till the stain is off.  Another tip – placing blotting paper over & under the stain & ironing it. If its on your body, rub shaving cream & sugar on it. Cleaning benzene or petrol can help take off car-grease stains. For delicate fabrics, apply talcum pwd & leave for 2-3hrs, brush off with a toothbrush & rinse/

12. Wax stains: Place 2 blotting papers- 1 over & 1 under teh stain & iron both sides.

13. Fruit & Grass stains: Fruit stains shd be soaked in ammonia 1st & then in petrol & last, washed. Fruit juice stains should be stretched over a bowl & boiling water poured over it – then washed. Rubbing the stains with powdered paracetamol pills & then washing in warm lime water helps. Alternatively, soak in borax soln before washing. Grass stains can be sponged with methylated spirit be4 washing.

14. Ice-cream & Chocolate stains: sponging it with a grease or borax solution helps or wash with plain soda water. Hold the stained part stretched over a bowl & pour hot water on it & then rinse in warm soap water.

15. Sweat stains: white garments can be bleeched. Rubbing powdered magnesia on the effected area works or rub with fresh lemon juice & salt or a light vinegar or ammonia solution.

16. Curry stains: Rub the stains with ordinary soap paste or freshly cut lime (no water) & place it in the sun till teh stain goes pink & then wash it. Stubborn stains or turmeric marks will need a thick soap paste applied onit & dried in the sun – soak the soap bar in water & then take some paste off or mix some pwd in little water for a thick paste.

17. Eggs & Mucus stains: Soak in light ammonia water or salt water & then wash.

18. Stains on delicate silks, wool & cotton: Apply a paste of soda-bicarb & water on it, leave it in the sun to dry  for a few mins & then rinse in cold water. Pure eucalyptus oil on silk works wonders. mix a pinch of salt in benzene solution & use on delicate fabrics.

19. Milk & Jam stains: Soak the area with warm glycerine or borax solution for a few mins & then wash with warm water.

20. Chewing gum: Dab it with cottonwool moistened with eucalyptus oil. Apply eggwhites on the stain & leave it to dry & then peel it off with the gum. Chill the stain with ice cubes or freeze (if small garment) & then it dries off.

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