Ever wondered how the best fries you’ve ever eaten are so crisp on the outside & soft ‘n tasty on the inside? Here’s the trick..

Actually, there’s more than just 1 trick..

Trick 1. Soak the cut potaotes in salted water for 10-15 mins. This enhances the inner taste.

Trick 2. Drain & pat-dry them before frying.

Trick 3. Heat oil to almost-smoking, not VERY hot, say 300deg.

Trick 4. Deep fry the fries on medium heat for 6-8 mins or as a sample turns out cooked. this low-heat slow frying ensure the insides are well-cooked & soft. This initial frying can be done several hours before serving.

Trick 5. Re-fry on high-heat just to make the outside of the fries turn golden & crisp.

Trick 6. When laying the fries to drain, don’t over-layer too many together. Spread them out a bit and sprinkle some salt on them. When they reach room temp or still hot enough to just touch, then you can transfer them onto a serving dish & serve.

That’s it – now you too can make the perfect fries… Go on; Give it a shot!

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