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Make a quick Black Forest Cake

Just 4 ingredients, 5 simple tools & 10 quick steps to the perfect Black Forest Cake…
Moist, Rich, Dark, Delicious & SO festive…
A treat for any occassion!!!

This is a super-quick recipe so you’re going to see ready/instant & canned ingredients; Here’s what you’ll need..

1. A ready-made tall (about 6″ high) chocolate cake (OR) A freshly baked Betty Crocker’s dark chocolate cake.
2. A can of pitted cheries
3. A large tub of whipping cream
4. A bar of dark chocolate

Tools required:
1. A rotating cake stand
2. some fishing line or strong thread
3. cream/icing piping-bags
4. chocolate shaver
5. flat spatula

The 10 steps to a perfect quick-n-easy Black-Forest Cake:

1. Cut the cake horizontally into 3 equal layers with the thread/line.
2. Keep 6-8 full cherries aside & cut remaining to half. Keep the juice aside.
3. Lightly beat & fluff up the whipping cream.
4. Shave the chocolate bar.
5. Staring with the bottom layer on a rotating cake-stand, Spoon on 1/3rd of the cherry-juice, then some cream & then some chopped cherries (sprinkle some choco-shavings if u have LOTS of it).
6. Gently lift & place the next layer on the prepared base & repeat the juice-cream-cherries step from above.
7. Repeat step 6 above with the top-most layer.
8. Apply cream to the whole cake with a flat spatula
9. Apply the chocolate shavings to it, all over.
10. With the piping-bag & full-cheries, decorate the top as u like – Chill & serve!

Festive tip: Try spooning some of your favorite wine or brandy into the layers along with or instead of the cherry-juice from the can.

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