Here’s 10 things to remember when you’re preparing the turkey for thanksgiving & before you indulge in the very elaborate thanksgiving meal.

1. Have a bowl of light soup or salad to fill you up a bit before the actual Turkey meal.

2. Select a breast piece over the leg – it’s the leanest part.

3. If you’re cooking, bake or roast the turkey; don’t fry it.

4. Go for low-fat low-sodium broth, rather than your roast drippings. If you want to go traditional and use the drippings, freeze it and you can cut off the fat which will freeze on the upper surface. Reheat & use.

5. Take breaks frequently between the meal – have water or pause to converse.

6. Cook the stuffing separately rather than in the bird cavity so it won’t absorb all the fat from it. Replace white breadcrumbs for whole grain or even brown rice and nuts.

7. To make the cranberry sauce, skip the syrup from the can, use natural sweeteners like pears, raisins, currants, apples, etc.

8. For the mash-potatoes, substitute cream and butter with buttermilk and top off with just 1 spoon butter for the aroma.

9. Dilute your wine with sparkling water.

10. Skip the crust, if you really MUST have pie.

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