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Keep the flu at bay this flu-season

The flu season is upon us and before we let it take its toll on our routine, festivities and holiday spirit, let’s get in-the-know of how to keep the flu at bay. Wash your hands A LOT (with warm water, if possible)

1. Use a hand sanitizer frequently – keep some in your purse, car, office – everywhere.

2. Keep your hands off your face as far as possible.

3. Get loads of Vitamins C & D.

4. Have only warm drinks like tea, coffee & warm lemon-juice. No cold drinks.

5. Gargle with warm salt-water twice-thrice a day

6. Rinse your nostrils using a nasal saline kit or neti-pot (available at drugstores & departmental stores), blow your nose hard once a day or swab both your nostrils with cotton buds dipped in warm salt water.

7. Get a flu-shot (recommended once every year right before the flu season)

8. Get enough sleep – Sleep deprivation inhibits resistance viruses.

9. Have 8 glasses of water every day (warm, preferably) – this flushes out toxins from the body resulting in a healthier body to fight viruses.

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