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Grow Roses SO healthy, they smile!

I’m not known to have a green thumb, in that, I never had a garden or took care of indoor plants on my own, but certain tips have helped me grow the finest roses this summer…
1. Buy what fits your space – not BIG plants for small indoor corner or small plants for your backyard.

  1. 2. Ensure the plant you are buying has a strong thick base & healthy stems growing out of it. The number, size & quality of the roses on it are also good indicators of healthy plants.
  2. 3. Plant your roses where they will get at least 6 hours of sunlight every day.
  3. 4. Water rose plants daily – both the base & the stems, flowers, buds, etc.. to clear it of dust, so each petal, leaf & bud BREATHES. I have an auto-sprinkler that waters my garden twice a day. Ensure you don’t water them after 8am because the 10am – 3pm heat will dry the soil out before the plants are nourished. So, water between 4 to 7am. Ensure you moisten the soil well enough to stay moist for 6-8 hours & if possible, repeat at 4pm or around sunset.
  4. 5. Never plant flower plants near fruit/vegetable plants. Plant all flowers together – roses, tulips, hibiscus, lilies, etc.

6. Fertilize or nourish them with plant-food liquid drippers immediately after each bloom. Stop fertilizing or feeding them 2 months before winter.

7. When the plants are done flowering for that year, trim off the parts that are drying out and are thin & weak. the plant will be back in bloom next season.

8. The plant needs trimming after every bloom. I wait for the roses to almost start opening up in full bloom & then I cut them (keeping a stem long enough for my vase). If I miss that, I cut them off when they are wilting (right where the green stem holding the dying rose is trurning brown & dry). Otherwise, the dying roses & stems will un-necessarily pull nutrients from the rest of the plant

9. Every morning, I save the tea leaves after breakfast & at the end of the week, I boil them in 4-6 glasses of water, strain it & cool this tea water, which I pour at the base of the rose plants.

10.  To make the most of my roses, I add a tsp of sugar in the vase water – they last for double or even triple the time!

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