Stop procrasti-dreaming of a perfect butt.. No more excuses!! Get off ur seat & try these exercises to get the perfectly well-toned, firm & lifted derriere!
I’ve always had more of a sitting job & so I maintained an exercise routine to stay in shape, apart from a healthy diet. Hour-long walks/runs, gym workouts or even tennis/ badminton/squash work well for me. However, if you need to trim only your butt, these are the best ways to reach that goal fast. Do check with your doctor before trying the tougher ones..

1. Some everyday tips:  If you have a sitting job or a long drive to work, do butt-clenches while seated – about 30 (the more the better) every hour. Get up & walk around for 5-10 mins for every hour of sitting. Take the stairs whenever you can (avoid the lift), and infact, skip a step & extend your legs while climbing up – its more fun too! Get into a sport – tennis/ squash/ badminton – every time you bend to pick the ball/shuttlecock or squat as you hit it, you’re working the butt! Swimming is great too but if you can’t swim, just get into the water & move your legs around (holding on to the side-grill/step-wall) as if marching, cycling or doing lumberjacks (partially) under-water!

2. Squats are among the most powerful exercises for the butt. Get a pair of 5-8lb dumbbells for balance and hold em down – 1 on each side as you set your feet apart, shoulder-width. Pushing your butt out back & exhaling, squat down ensuring your knees shouldn’t block your view of your toes as you squat down. Hold it for 2 counts & inhale as you get up. Repeat 15 times (advance to 30).

3. For the right Lunges, hold the dumbbells as above & put 1 foot forward. Bending your knees & exhaling, advance to almost kneel on 1 knee until your forward knee is bent at a right angle with the ground & that thigh is parallel to the floor – ensure you can see the toes of your forward foot (as above). Rem, don’t let the other knee touch the ground – Let its calf be parallel to the floor. Hold for 2 counts & then inhale as you rise. Repeat on the next leg. Keep going for 15 lunges per leg. (Advance to 30).

4. Gym equipment: Get on the elliptical for 30 mins minimum setting it on ‘Fat burn’ rather than ‘Cardio’. If you have more stamina after this, use the treadmill first on flat-level and a comfy speed for 10 mins, then raise the speed to medium & increase the elevation – take longer stretched steps & feel the climb in every step. Keep goin for 30 mins & then lower the speed for another 5 mins. Come back to flat-level & your comfy speed to cool down.  Use the exercise ball as in the figure, exhaling as you lift the leg & inhaling to return.

5. Furniture & props: Hole the back of a chair &exhale while you push back 1 leg, straight & as far back & up as you can. Hold as you count to 10. Then, inhale & return to standing position. Repeat with the other leg. Go for 15 reps per leg (Advance to 30 or even 50). Then, sit on a step with your hands flat near your butt, at your sides. Lift your butt up as you exhale, as high as you can, balancing on your feet & hands. Hold for 10 counts & return. Repeat 15-30-50 times. You can sit on the floor resting your back on the sofa edge, instead of steps.

6. Floor exercises: Get down on your fours and push back 1 leg straight out, pointing your toes. Keeping the leg straight, exhale while you raise it behind you to 45degs to the ground, hold for 5 secs & then inhale as you release. Repeat with the other leg & go on for 15-30-50 reps. Now do the same things but bending the knee of the raised leg as the sole of that foot is sky-facing parallel to the ground as if you’re supporting a book on it! Repeat as above. Third, staying on your fours, stretch out the right leg behind as above. Move it out to the right as far as you can, then as far as you can behind you and then over & across the bent left leg, again as far as u can. Repeat with the other leg as above (15-30-50).

7. Brazilian butt-lift: These squats need you to place your hands on your knees as you squat down (fingers inwards). Then, as you rise, throw up your hands as if reaching out to catch a ball, and kick 1 leg out behind straight & far – the line of your arms & stratched leg should form a 45deg angle with the ground. Again, squat down & come up on the other leg. Repeat as above (15-30-50)

C’mon people.. get to work.. You’ll be surprised how effective these exercises & tips are – you’ll have a tight lil’ beach-bum in no time & can carry the perfect jeans, in style, in just a few weaks, that’s a guarantee!

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