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Beat the bloat!

Feeling bloated & a tad chubbier around the waist lately? Want to fit into that gorgeous new pair of jeans but afraid of the muffin-top or turnip look? Here’s 10 ways to beat the bloat!

1. Avoid any drink that contains gas-creating bubbles like caffeine, soda, carbonated water, bubbly, champagne, etc.

2. Drink TONS of Water!

3. Eliminate any starchy carbs like rice, bread, pasta, etc.

4. Stay away from salt and heavily salted foods. High sodium makes you retain water. Eg. Pizzas & processed sausages.

5. Take a colon-cleansing product to clear away any waste in the colon and flatten your stomach.

6. If you are bloated due to your menstrual cycle, use a pain reliever such as Motrin or Midol.

7. Eat plenty of natural foods with high-water content – celery, watermelon, parsley, asparagus, etc.

8. Load up on fiber to get things moving through your intestines.

9. Taking in excess air will cause gas bubbles to form. When you eat, take small bites and chew carefully, with your mouth closed. Avoid drinking from a straw.

10. Eat fruits high in potassium. This would include fruits such as bananas and cantaloupe. Potassium helps regulate the fluid balance in your body.

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