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Banish cellulite!

Love dimples but not when they’re off the face??? You’re not alone! This is Cellulite – the orange-peel appearance of the skin’s surface or crater-like bulges and hollows, which give it that generally lumpy and uneven appearance. Unsightly indeed! Let’s get rid of it….
Use a good cellulite cream – Trilastin is supposedly the best and claims to reach into the middle layer of the dermis unlike any other cream & lift and firm saggy skin, reduce cellulite in four weeks & help prevent new cellulite from forming.

Modify your diet – Basically, has a nutritious diet with lots of fruits & veggies rich in anti-oxidants, plus whole grains & fiber. Have 8+ glasses of water a day to detoxify your system. Get plenty of lecithin through eggs & soy products. Essential fatty acids are important for the moisture and elasticity of your skin but stay away from unhealthy fats like margarine & butter. Instead opt for healthy fats in olive, flaxseed, canola & walnut oils or fish oils (omega-3) or from light river water fish. Do not eat salty foods as this causes water retention and will make cellulite worse. Coffee and cigarettes are another cause of cellulite.

Detox & keep your intestines clean – Research shows people who are constipated are more likely to carry cellulite in their body so get enough fiber & water to detox daily. Supplement with a colon-cleanser – check with your doctor before doing this, though.

Get the right supplements – Vitamin C, magnesium, primrose oil, cayenne, grape-seed or pomegranate oil, glucosamine, ginger, amino acids & evening primrose oil & all beneficial. As mentioned above, a colon-cleanser may help as well.

Exercise – Yoga, deep-breathing, weights & cardio exercises along with a strong massage (with the force used in kneading dough) are effective in loosening up the sluggish fat deposits, which coupled with your water intake (8-glasses+) will be flushed out of your system, leaving a healthier more toned you! Losing weight, gradually (not aggressively), helps.

Soak in sea-salt & rub a ‘tingling’ cream on afterwards – Relax in a tub of warm water to which 2 cups of sea-salt are added, for 20-mins (minimum) or try sage or juniper oils instead. You’ll feel a tingling sensation in your skin – that’s the fatty-pockets being awakened. I have an orange-ginger cream which I apply after my baths & it has an amazing effect – you can actually feel the tingling as if the blood circulation in these areas had suddenly been activated!

Invest in compression stockings – When worn through the day (except meals & sleep-time), these tight compression leggings push the fatty deposits in and cause the skin to perspire giving out toxins & excess water from the legs, thus revealing smoother legs when you need them the most!

Cosmetic procedures – Spa treatments (massages), skin brushing before your daily shower & dermal fillers help to some extent but for extreme cases, lymphatic drainage, lasers, peels, liposuction, microdermabrasion & other dermatological treatments can benefit you more. A homeopathic treatment, Mesotherapy, involving injecting conventional vitamins into the middle of the dermis has also proved to help some cellulite sufferers.

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