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Ruth shares some nuggets

I found Ruth on facebook recently.. she was my classmate in Kuwait, from kindergarten to the 7th grade & we lost touch during the 1990 Gulfwar. Turns out – Ruth’s a total foodie just like me!! She reviews restaurants, writes recipes & even has her own website, Ruth is also mom to a cute lil’ girl, Anushka! Be sure to check her website right after you’ve read her advice on baby-care right here!





In Ruth’s words…:

Here are some of my two-bits which I did keep a track of earlier.* First things first… If you have enough of breast milk to feed, lucky you.. if you don’t, screw the world, start the bottle.. and don’t feel guilty. Like another friend of mine said, “you are the mother and however new you are at doing it, your instinct is the best.* Dont feel shy about accepting gifts for the baby. Always tell people who ask what you want.. you will be surprised how much money you save to spend on other things for the baby.* Always tie your hair up when burping your kid on your shoulder.. They tend to throw up on your hair (often its when you have just washed it)* When you put a bib around your babyz neck, always take it gently.. never yank it off coz it will lead to a friction burn.. (trust me, learnt the hard way)* When taking off a diaper, always keep a cloth handy and place it under the baby’s rear end.. taking a off a diaper gives them some kind of relief and they almost always end up peeing.* If you find it difficult to clean under the neck, switch the lights on, on your mobile and make the baby look at it.. Trust me, the kid will turn any which way giving you access to anything. When they start rolling over, then just put them on their tummies, they automatically lift their heads giving you good access* Another thing I learnt was when packing your baby’s bag for that trip out (bottles, nappies and paraphrenalia) with an extra change for the baby, also carry an extra T-shirt for yourself. Babies tend to mess you up as well at times and you would be so much happier at a friend’s place if you are not smelling of poop or puke.* No matter how short your visit to anyone’s house is, always pack extra feeds and diapers. Can never say if you receive an impromptu invite to dinner.

* if you are planning on buying a cradle.. dont buy the small ones. Go in for those that come with the bed/bassinet and the works.. you will be surprised how fast your baby grows and will soon outgrow the cradle. So invest in the big bed in the beginning.

* Also, get a baby cot with a safety gate that can be lowered… in the initial months its convenient. But make you customize the bed and get the height of the safety gate increased by an additional six inches. When babies learn to grip, they pull themselves up on the railing and can topple over,

* If your baby ever has a nose block and you need to use drops. don’t use the stopper/filler (whatever its called) to do that.. instead dip a cotton bud/swab in the medicine and gently rub your baby’s nostrils with it.. The medicine actually stays and does it work rather than just going down the nose.. throat and out… saves the sour taste for your baby.

* For the nursery, I had picked up curtains with baby prints on them.. if you are yet to buy them.. check and make sure the material is thick enough to not let sunlight.. I bought two and though they are beautiful, the print is makes it look nice and thick

* also when you are buying baby dresses, especially those small cotton jablas, make sure that they have buttons at the back, when junior grows, the first thing they put in their mouth are the buttons. Go in for press buttons rather than the regular ones

* Also when the playful time starts never give them the bibs to play with… even for a few minutes.. they have a tendency of getting tangled in them specially round the neck

* From day 1.. always maintain a set of post-its close to where you keep the baby’s bottles and milk.. After every feed, write down the time and the ml that the baby has had.. with all the hassle around, it comes handy in knowing when you last fed the baby and also helps you know your baby’s eat/sleep pattern. Also keep a track of the number of times your baby poops each day. Sometimes you just cant remember if your baby pooped yesterday or today…

* start the habit of potty training almost as soon as your baby can sit. Take your baby to the loo with you and show them the potty and how you use and encourage them to do the same with their own. Use one of those colored cistern cleaners that gives of a blue or green tinge when you flush. It makes for an exciting reward for a successful potty.

* Never ever start the habit of walking around and eating or even going out of the house. From day one, make sure its in the house and at the table or at least in one fixed place.

* Do not invest in branded toys. Makes no sense at all. Go to the roadside and buy the crash, boom, bang types.

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