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Shahi Paneer Bread Pakora

A hot tea-time or rainy-day snack made by deep-frying mini paneer/cottage-cheese sandwiches soaked in a spicy gram-flour batter




PrepTime 2mins – CookTime 15mins – Serves 3



Ingredients :
6 bread slices
3 tbsp spicy mint chutney/sauce
3 tbsp sweet tamarind chutney/sauce
4-6 5mm thick paneer slices
2tbsp butter
1 cup gram-flour
1/2 cup beaten curd/yoghurt
1.5 tbsp chaat masala
1/4 tsp ajwain
1/4 tsp red chili pwd
1/4 tsp turmeric pwd
1/ tsp cumin pwd
1 tsp sugar
water to make the batter
salt to taste
oil to deep fry


Cooking Instructions:

1. Marinade paneer slices in butter & chaat masala – set aside for 10-15 mins.

2. Make a smooth batter (ribbon – consistency) of the flour, sugar, salt, yoghurt, turmeric, red chili pwd, cumin pwd, ajwain with some water.

3. Trim the edges off the bread slices & apply tamrind sauce to 3 slices & mint sauce to the other 3.

4. Place paneer slices between a slice of tamrind sauce & 1 with mint sauce.

5. Repeat with the remaining bread & paneer.

6. Cut into half or diagonally to triangles.

7. Wet your hands & press each sandwich between moist palms to ensure slices stick together & don’t slip apart.

8. Heat oil in a deep-frying vessel (kadai).

9. Insert triangles delicately into the batter, coat evenly & safely immerse into the hot oil. Turn over when its golden-brown beneath & fry to get an even color all-round.

10. Leave to drain on paper towel & serve with chutneys, ketchup of any sauce of your choice.

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