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Parsi Dhansak (Daal Ghosh)

A traditional Parsi dish with Persian & Gujarati influences; A time-consuming preparation of meat cooked with spices, lentils & vegetables.



PrepTime 10mins – CookTime 45mins – Serves 5




500g mutton pieces

2 large onion, chopped

2 chopped tomatoes

2 bayleaves

1tsp turmeric

1/2 cup fresh coriander – chopped


Daals soaked for 1 hour:

1/4 cup.val dal

1/4 cup masoor dal

1/4 cup moong dal

1 cups tuvar dal


Vegetables (as available):

50 gm orange pumpkin

1 brinjal

1 carrot

1 potato peeled

Methi 1/4 bunch or 6 small bunch of dhansaak methi (if available)


For the Masala:

4 cloves

1 small onion, finely chopped

4 tsp oil

1 inch cinnamon

2 inch piece ginger

3 tbsp tamarind water

6 cloves garlic

3 green chillies

2 tsp dhansaak masala or sambhaar masala

2 tsp dhania-jeera masala

salt and black pepper powder to taste




Cooking Instructions:

1. Ensure daals have been soaked for 1 hour.

2. Grind the masala items to a fine paste with little water.

3. Chop the vegetables and methi leaves and quarter the potatoes.

4. Pressure cook the dals, vegetables and meat pieces for 15 minutes (put enough water and little to more so that all the ingredients in the cooker are covered).

5. When cooled open the cooker and remove the meat pieces and potatoes pieces from the dals and vegetables.

6. Blend the dals and vegetables.

7. Heat oil and fry the chopped onions till brown.

8. Add the ground masala and bay leaves fry well.

9. Add chopped tomatoes – fry well.

10. Add salt and turmeric powder and fry for 1 minute.

11. Add the blended dal to the masalas and allow it to boil.

12. Then add meat and potatoes pieces. Allow it to cook (add more water if necessary).

13. Finally the dal should be little thick. Garnish with coriander & serve hot with rice or naan.

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