mearl223 On September - 10 - 2009

How it all started…

Hey people,

Wow, FINALLY, my own blog to share the oh-so-famous ‘lil‘ chef recipes of mine.. (no more emails, just to my personal friends & contacts!). I’m truly excited!!!Thanks to my family & friends, my dream has transcended into reality and now I can share my fav recipes & kitchen tips, not only with them but with the whole world!

A bit about Lil’ Chef (that’s me!), I began experimenting in my mom’s kitchen when I was very little (lil‘) & as I grew up my inner-most aspiration has always been, to be a ‘chef’! As a lil‘ girl, I would watch my mom cook with passion & interest, be-it age-old traditional recipes or trying out something new. I would get in & help her & would often try to emulate her style & tastes till I grew up to eventually cook for family & friends, all by myself! The feedback I got was incredible & in July 2008, the name, Lil’ Chef was given to me by one of my first friends in the US, Alison. We would always joke that I should start my own restaurant or catering service by that name. While thats still in the works, I began simply emailing recipes to friends, with the title,’ Lil’ Chef Recipes‘ and that’s been going great so far! Perhaps when I get better at my craft, I’ll start up a business & call it BIG-Chef (hoping I’ll be pretty ‘big’, as in, ‘famous’, by then, lol!!!)..

So here goes… I’m gonna get on here from time to time & post some recipes which I’ve either just created, or tried out form somewhere, or got inspired to make after having tasted somethn good at a resto, or plain favs from my mom… You guys can request recipes of food that I have made for you and that you loved.. I’ll keep dishing ‘em out for u too! :) I’m gonna put up some Indian, Arabic, Thai & Italian recipes, for salads, main course, side-dishes & deserts, along with some general kitchen tips, useful web links, videos & pictures of the food I make. This is gonna be SO much fun! Lemeno if you guys wanna add anything too; I’d be more than happy to share my space with ya!

Before we go ahead, I need to thank you, for looking this up or for tuning in now & I hope you’ll be back again n again n again…. ur support, replies, comments, feedback, etc.. will prompt me to keep giving more..

Love you all!!!!

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